466 Resolute.


Logic really isn’t something that dissuades the average person.  In some ways the ability to ignore logic is a strength.  Mostly it’s just annoying…

I’ve got to go to Garden tomorrow.  Which will be today when this page goes up.  I hope the weather is clemment.  Seems like there’s been a lot of storms in Kansas this week.  Also ignorance…  I’m more prepared to cope with the storms. 

I keep seeing people talking about Sims 3.  I used to play the first version.  I wanted a big house with a graveyard in the back, like those really old ones from long ago when you used to bury kin in the yard.  So I’d lure over all the neighbors then conspire to make them expire.  Which was cool because it resulted, eventually, in a haunted mansion.  Some people might not know this, but if you keep the remains of a Sim sometimes, at midnight, they will return from the grave to once again walk among the living. 

I hope you can do something like that in the new game.