465 A Flaw.


Did I tell you guys I finally completed my Pokedex?  Didn’t even cheat.  I have one representative of every pokemon species.  The last two, who are burnt into my mind for being such a pain to get, were Weavile and Gliscor.  Weavile is one of those pokemon who look lame when they evolve.  Sneasel is much cooler.  Houndor and Houndoom are the same way.  (I already had the crazy hard to get pokemon from Diamond, Emerald, and Leaf.)  I wish they’d fix it so I could load them into My Pokemon Ranch.  I have enough pokemon now to nearly fill it completely.  I’d love to know what happens if you do.  (I suspect nothing, knowing Nintendo…) 

Got my best score in Wii bowling the other night.  247.  I then completely lost my focus and got half that…  but the game did award me a pro ball.  That was cool.  I was getting tired of the starter one. 

After two weeks of careful obsession, I also got a golden watering can in Animal Crossing City Folk.  I now have both special watering cans, both shovels, both slingshots, and a silver axe.  My town also has a lighthouse.  I chose the lighthouse because they tend to be haunted.  As far as I can tell you can never go inside it, so its haunted status is still unconfirmed.  Maybe I’ll just waggle a pair of sticks at it and say it’s haunted when people come visit. 

I got 8000 some odd points online in Mario Kart Wii the other night, but promptly lost several hundred on Shyguy Beach.  (My weakest track.) 

I also finally got a hole in one on Mario Golf Advance Tour.  I wish I could load it to the internet somehow.  I know Zac would be proud. 

My personal distractions have a very Nintendo theme to them right now.  I need to do some commissions, or something, so I can get Punch Out for the Wii.  I suck at Punch Out, yet still enjoy playing it.  I’ve never been further than Macho Man on the NES version.  Not to be confused with Macho Man Randy Savage.  OOOOOOOH YEAH!  If I can get Punch Out somehow I think I’ll have enough “coins” to make Nintendo give me the special Game & Watch collection, which, if we’re honest, is kind of a lame prize.  It’s the least lame of the lame prizes though, and it’s not like they’re gonna offer up something better, so there you go.  It took several years worth of pin codes to get enough points to even come close, but I save all my boxes and stuff, so I just got them down and spent a while entering in pin numbers. 

The last time I went to all this trouble it was over the Zelda collection for the Gamecube.  Now that was a cool prize.  That sort of thing is never going to happen again since Nintendo finally realized they could offer all their old crap for download, and chumps like me will give them $5 for NES games we still have in working condition…  Just so we can play them on the Wii. 

I am a Wiitard. -_-