458 No Chance, That’s What Ya Got.


What the heck was I going to talk about?  Where is my note?  Why are things so disorganized lately?!    Guh…  Well, let’s just wing it again.

My Pokemon team was able to defeat the elite four, barely.  I managed to “complete” the pokedex soon after that.  Now I’m breeding new Pokemon for battle frontier teams, and to truly complete the national pokedex. 

It set me to thinking about the nature of the pokedex.  How is it, if it doesn’t already have the data, that it instantly knows the name of a pokemon the first time you see it?  I mean you need to suspend your disbelief to accept a lot about Pokemon to begin with, so something like the reverse nature of Pokemon research shouldn’t pose a problem. 

I’ve been sitting on gift cards since Christmas but I finally nearly used them up.  A lot of the older CN Adult Swim series have dropped dramatically in price.  I ordered Harvey Birdman S2, Sealab 2021 S2, and Frisky Dingo S1 last night.  I expect that they will not appear until Monday.  After Harry Goz (Captain Murphy) died Sealab lost much of it’s appeal.  I’m only going as far along as the seasons he’s in.

I hope they do another season of Metalokalypse.  I thought that show would suck at first but I ended up liking it a lot after I gave it a chance.  Another Lucy, Daughter Of The Devil would be agreeable too, but it doesn’t look good for that series.  All I know is that I need more Todd Barry in my empty life.  I got a little from Jonathan Katz’s podcast, but it was insufficient. 

If Mitch Hedberg hadn’t have died I think he Todd Barry, and H. John Benjamin could have done some really great shows as a team.  Maybe even some movies.  The stuff done by the remaining members have been very good, but I get the feeling that D.J. Jesus was a part written for Hedberg.