426 Care A Lot.


Had a two dream night last night.  In the first dream I was hunting down a brutal killer with C-Hutch.  We were driving, at killface speeds, the mean streets of some fictional Kansas town.  (Killface is now an adjective too.)  I was driving some kind of pickup.  It cornered well, so I was able to keep up with the faster vehicles when they tore down back alleys.  C-Hutch had some kind of sports car.  Might have been a Dodge Charger.  He had to catch up in the straights, since it didn’t corner very well.  The killer switched cars from time to time.  The last thing he drove was a big semi.  The best part about that was when C-hutch and I jumped our vehicles, simultaneously, through the trailer, going opposite directions.  Quite possibly the most pointless, action star, moment in any dream I’ve ever had.  In the end we tricked him into crashing his truck into a wall.  He died in the crash, and the world breathed a sigh of relief…  except for our police chief!  Bu du dun dow!

In the second dream I was helping my dad clean up random trash at his work.  It wasn’t the real place, but a combination of similar locations I’ve seen before.  One of dad’s workers had been killed in a freak accident, but he wouldn’t tell me about it.  It clearly bothered him, but he never said anything about the incident.  I came into the dream already knowing it had happened.  Anyway, the setting was built funny.  There were hills, and little walls set up in strange places.  They were waist high at their tallest points, but didn’t look like they could keep anything in, or out.  Just before I woke up dad was showing me evidence that a homeless guy had taken up residence nearby, and was fiddling with equipment.