396 Pushing It.


I got a neat little pen light for Christmas.  I’ve had similar pens before, but they never lived up to my desires.  This new one, on the other hand, is small, yet powerful.  I clicked it on while it was pointed at my eyes and accidentally performed lasik surgery on myself.  So I don’t need glasses anymore.  I’ve been wearing the frames so that it doesn’t shock anyone. 

Anyway, since I have this new thing I’ve been going out of my way to place myself in situations where a tiny flashlight would be usefull.  I even sabotaged my mother’s vehicle so I’d have an excuse to do repairs in the dark.  I’m pretty sure that if I had two of these things I could destroy reality by crossing the streams. 

Theses LED lights that are becoming so prevalent are just neat is all I’m saying.  They aren’t much for lighting a room, or whatever, but for Christmas lights, flashlights, and what have you, they are pretty neat.  Of course, I’m easy to entertain.  I got a package of red & green silly putty too, which kept me quiet for a lot longer than it should have… 

Rayovac makes the pen light, by the way.  You can probably find one by using the internet. 

You could also use the internet to learn about Eartha Kitt, the amazing woman who provided the voice for Yzma in Disney’s The Emperor’s New Groove.  I know it’s not ever going to be the first thing on the list of her accomplishments, but Yzma is one of the best Disney characters, in one of the best Disney movies.  Eartha made Yzma as fantastic as she was.  She died the other day, as some of you may know.  It’s sad that she’s dead, but she sure got her money’s worth out of life.