367 Intimidator.


I bought Zelda: The MinishCap when it came out.  I beat it 3 days ago.  It took me this long because there are things about that game that I find extremely annoying.  It’s not a bad game, but a lot of little things ruin the game on average.  I am extremely pleased that I never have to think about Minish Cap ever again.  The best thing about Minish Cap is that it is mercifully short.  If I had realized how close to being done I was I would have pushed through it and got busy forgetting it sooner.

I think I’m going to try and finish Megaman Battle Network 6 now.  I got distracted when it came out and only got a little way into it.  I know I’ll enjoy it though.  I was already enjoying it when I stopped playing all those years ago.  I’ve kinda held off on finishing it because I know 6 ends the series and that’s a shame because I also know that what it evolves into is a pale imitation of Battlenet.