348 Madam Librarian.


It’s been a while since I filled the better part of a page with one of the female cast members.  Any part of a page Nina takes up is going to be a better part.  Don’t worry ladies, and certain guys, I haven’t forgotten about you.  Be patient and you’ll get a little love too.

Man love.

Hot librarian is high on my, very long, list of sexy fantasies.  It’s right up there with museum curator, teacher, and radiologist.  Books are not what I want to take from the library.  Much like Harold Hill it’s the librarian I want to check out.  It’s the sadder, but wiser, girl for me.  What’s not to like about straight laced ladies unlacing themselves?

Edit:  I almost forgot.  Check out Melvil Dewey’s Wikipedia page. Doesn’t he look like he could be Ed’s dad? Or even what Ed will look like as he ages?