340 Queer Eye For The Jedi.


Obi-Wan > Anakin. 

By the time this page is posted the new Star Wars cartoon will be showing, and there’s a pretty fair chance I won’t have seen it.  The internet, however, will be saturated with the bloated, gassy, opinions of every Star Wars nerd with a blog and some spare time.  I expect that it will be hated, as much pre-classic cannnon is hated.  All I’ve been exposed to is the soundtrack, and it didn’t move me.  That may not mean anything though.  I disliked the Battle Of The Heroes theme when I first heard it.  Now it’s one of my favorite themes.

I used to be a really obssessive Star Wars fan.  Action figures were like nerd meth.  It was really funny though, one day they increased the price enough to make me see reason.  Then it was all over.  I was done.  Once in a great while they make a new figure I just have to have but, for the most part, my collecting ended one fine day in a Target store in western Kansas.