308 Inappropriate Sunshine.


I think this is the first page I’ve ever done outside of sequential order. I got the idea for for it, and those that follow its pulse, on the morning of the day I was going to draw a different page. It’s strange because I’m technically ahead of the game, but since there’s still a hole where that page belongs it feels like I wasted a day. I have learned, over the last year, that it doesn’t pay to ignore the muse. If I feel like I’m having a better drawing day than usual, and there’s an exceptional idea on deck, I’m more likely to just go for it than I used to be. A mediocre talent, such as I, can ill afford to be cavalier when it comes to something that seems like it will be impressive.

Technically I wanted this page to be 308, but I forgot to switch the order around in time. I’ll go back and fix it after the pages concerned have run.

Edit: Fix’d it.