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I got out my video camera on xmas and had the Teen record an update video since she’s too busy to write to you guys. Video editing is not in my skillset generally, but I was able to muddle through. link Just for clarification the room you see is the sitting room of my grandparent’s house. My great grandmother didn’t have good Christmases, so she overcompensated with my grandmother, which is why we have very elaborate Christmas traditions and my grandmother has a huge collection of nutcrackers.

I have tried on two occasions to play Smash Bros online, but it’s a complete waste of time. Either my internet, or my hardware can’t manage it. Opponents just blink out of existence, or appear directly in front of me out of nowhere. I can handle lag, I’m used to it in Splatoon, but the level of lag in Smash is totally ridiculous. Trying to predict where an opponent might have gone, or will go, several seconds in advance of them being there or not isn’t an acceptable way to play. I don’t know enough about the technical side of things to understand why Splatoon 2 is playable while Smash isn’t. Whatever the reason it really devalues Smash, which is at its best as a party game. My router is several years old so maybe that’s the issue. The last time things started failing badly, which it has been for regular internet as well, it was solved by upgrading to a newer router. Maybe that’s all it will take.

I don’t hate single player smash, but it isn’t as compelling as playing with friends. Plush the in game content is cheap at best. Some of the challenges are just ridiculous. Also, I swear the game feels slow. Maybe I’m imagining it, or remembering poorly, but in my head the gameplay was faster. It seems normal on the 3DS for the previous version. I dunno.