2061 Shifting Blame.


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It seems like a million years ago now when I started watching Ghost Hunters back in my old apartment. I must have moved out after the second season maybe? It was still a big deal on TV when I was starting the comic. I think some of the old blogs, possibly some of the lost ones, mention me watching the live Halloween episodes. An interest in ghosts almost always follows a catastrophically tragic event. The Civil War was one, and so were the September 11 terrorist attacks. That preceded the ghost hunting boom on tv. Im not sure exactly when I realized the shows were bullshit, but it was far too long, although I was invested in the people by then anyway and kept watching until most of the original cast had moved on. Much like Thomas says in the first ghost arc I doubt the existance of ghosts, but I would be happy to be proven wrong, even if only I knew they were real. This house has stood here for a hundred years and change but I never feel presences. Its just old. I have experienced weird things, but nothing like what would convince me. Still… Im open to the idea.