2049 Wall Of Corpses.


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Walls are very culturally important right now.

I read somewhere that depression can cause memory loss, which I had never heard before, but had kind of noticed. I’ve mentioned going through a year long super depressive episode many times. During that year I played several games, watched many movies and shows, but have very little memory of any of them. When I try to think back on them I have a sort of vague feeling like I played, or watched them, but struggle to remember specific details. Before and after that time I can recall things with relative ease and clarity. The stuff I wrote in that year is also stuff I have to go back to when I need to reference it because it’s not just in my head the way other stuff is. I’ve always had a pretty good memory, but it’s not as good now as in my youth. Even so that roughly 365 day span is a weird gray spot.