2045 Paranormal Perspective.


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I forgot to mention it but I updated the comic voting image many days ago. If you want to see it the link is where it always is. It’s a pic from the patreon, so if you are enticed by it that link is also where it always is.

I don’t think we’ve ever fully explored Carol’s dislike of John. We kind of danced around it at one point, but her actual reasoning has never come up. It’s bound to come up eventually, but in a lot of ways the characters just accept it because, in all honesty, Carol’s a bit of a bitch. Obviously she’s been shown to have reasons & other aspects to her personality, but her public face, or the armor with witch she faces the world, is her bitchcraft. I’m willing to forgive a fair amount of bitchcraft because most women come to it as a reaction to the treatment they receive rather than it being their baseline personality. Of course that’s not always true, just like some men are born assholes some women are too. Carol is one who came to it as a defense mechanism & it transitioned into bullying over time. She’s getting better about it because of the support of her friends, but nobody’s perfect.