2044 In Search Of Manbeast.


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In case anyone has forgotten Ballcano is Carol’s pet name for Thomas’s penis. Or at least what she calls it to tease him.

Somebody found one of the old shows I’ve talked about here before. It’s called The Great Book Escape & it’s on youtube if you want to see it. In fact, he main actress is still acting. Quinn Cummings is her name. All the pertinent information is in the video description. Anyway this is the one that had The Ghost In The Shed as one of its segments. I’d found the animated portion by itself before, but could never find the wrap around segments.

This is a different one from a similar show where a different kid gets trapped in a library, but they have to haggle with some kind of disembodied voice as far as I can recall. I can’t remember if the lead was a girl or boy.