2043 Touched By An Angel.


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I wasn’t exactly how blatant I needed this to be for the premise to work. The first version spelled it out explicitly & was cumbersome. I rarely ask for outside input but I asked a friend if it was too much & they weren’t phased by the sexual implications at all. I went back and forth on the dialogue until it got to a point where Carol’s last line felt conversational & a little flirty. Maybe that sounds odd when the characters regularly swear & speak about rude things, but in my head there’s a demarcation between being conversationally explicit and being explicit in an intimate way. Right now in their world it’s just them, but I know that thousands of people are going to be observing this & it’s kind of a private thing for them. I don’t know. It’s just a weird hang up I have, in the very specific context of this comic world that I don’t usually have outside of it.