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Dogs & cats, living together! Real wrath of god type stuff. As far as we’ve come in terms of gay rights, or even just leaving them to their own devices, it’s always a little surprising when you see a pocket of people who never got the memo. For whatever reason a lot of people take me for being gay in real life. Actually, now that I think about it I remember why it was. It’s because I don’t speak like the common rabble. In at least one town in Kansas intelligence equates to gay for some people. In my old town several guys were into me apparently, & I kept having to tell them I was straight. They’d be like “Are you sure though?” Which is fine. I certainly wasn’t getting attention from women. The dark side was getting asked if I was a fag at fast food places by the staff. Because that was acceptable behavior 20 years ago. It never even occurred to me to bring it up to a manager. That’s how normal it was. I’ve had this sort of discount gay experience in my life though. A tiny little percentage of the fear that must accompany the reality.