2006 Tidbits.


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I couldn’t sleep last night for whatever reason & when I did manage to fall asleep I woke up after an hour & felt sick. Sometimes I get this pinched nerve in my back & it makes my body feel like I have the flu for about half an hour. The net result of all of this is that I just want to go to sleep. If I do it’ll totally screw up my pattern though. Now I have to live in this world of grogginess until my usual bedtime. but I’ll be half as effective at anything I try to do.

Every time the AC breaks down I think I should just learn how to fix it myself. I know it can’t be that hard because the repair guys only take thirty minutes or so. They can’t be all that complex, plus they almost always say it’s the unit freezing itself. Well if that’s all it is then why does it stay broken after it unfreezes? I need answers. At some point I should just ad it to the list of random things I know how to fix. YouTube will probably be able o show me what’s up…