1997 Monetize Your Life.


Comic Vote

It’s monetization
That’s sweeping the nation
Every little thing you do deserves consideration

Writing to the tune of a song takes a long time. Way longer than I have at the moment for sure. Anyway, I know that I have a hard time convincing myself to do stuff that I can’t potentially use to monetize somehow. Even my Lego pictures get posted mostly in hopes that some random site will decide they are great and I’ll get some attention for my other work from them. Having a business online has made me much more aware of that sort of thing & much more mercenary than I was in my youth.

Of course I still have a one level of support on Patreon because I feel bad about locking people out with a pay wall, so I’m hardly a capitalist mastermind over here like James Charles or some shit. I’m never going to become rich via my own schemes.