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If you read the blogs you’re gonna recognize some of this story, but sometimes the line between creator and creation gets blurry. I don’t talk as much in these blogs now that the teen is gone & I’m by myself most of the time. It started to feel like people were sick of hearing about me anyway. Having opinions about anything is dangerous these days too. Getting financially punished for them gets old pretty quick, so now we live in a world where censorship is just how it is. Even saying that much is likely to get me in trouble. What a sad state of affairs.

Anyway, I also added the gift list to the links because a few people have again asked for it & they wanted time to prepare. I’m sorry it’s just toys, but anything else I need is either expensive or I need to try it on myself & sending stuff back to Amazon just ends up costing me money. Random Lego is a safe gift. I can grist it out for parts even if I already have a set. If you’re absolutely hell bent on getting me something useful in a larger sense you’re going to have to contact me directly. The surprise will be ruined, but I’m always surprised by people wanting to give me so much more than I feel like I’ve earned, so you get to surprise me in that sense.