1989 Tire Fire.


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Now we must return to the less fun world of the store. Honestly, I wish I was faster at art because I miss characters more & more the longer I go without drawing their parts of the story. Adding 4 new fictional characters into a fictional layer of the comic only added to this issue. XD

I numbered this page incorrectly & almost ruined an older page by saving over it, but luckily I had a backup saved. I need to set an alarm to remind myself to backup the comic files once a week at least. The surface doesn’t have a lot of internal memory so I have to save to an external drive. It also only has… a single USB 2 port. it might be USB 3. In any case it takes a long time to save a lot of data & I have to unhook the fan I use to keep it from overheating. I still haven’t replaced the Surface, obviously. I keep hoping that they’ll announce a version with the USB port upgraded to C but I may just have to accept that I may not be able to wait it out. This one has started chugging a little when it’s running background stuff. Just enough to be slightly disruptive, which worries me a little.
You can get a Surface with a terabyte of memory now, which is more than enough to hold the entire library of pages. So I could have it stored on the computer, on a removeable memory card, and on an external drive. Many many layers of safety.