1835 Uncle Entity.


Every so often someone will indicate that they started reading at X time, but never went back to read the archive, which is so weird to me. I can understand if this was a joke a day comic, but since it builds over time it seems strange to just jump in and pick it up as you go. I guess it’s like how some people can tolerate getting to a movie after it’s been going for a while. I like starting at the beginning. My mom is the same way, but my dad will just jump in to anything that grabs his attention and watch till he gets bored. I don’t mind one way or the other. If you read and keep reading at any point that’s fine. I’m just the type that lies to start from the start. Anyway, this stuff they’re talking about happened at the start of the comic. Also they’re talking about a movie from the dinosaur times. Anyway, if you’ve never read the archive jump back sometime. I know it’s a hard look to deal with but the writing holds up pretty well.

As far as Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome goes it’s worth watching even though it’s not “good”. It’s just a fun trash film that doesn’t have a lot to say, but what it does say is said with style. Even the most modern Mad Max movie is basically the same way. You can try to spin it as a girl power story, but that’s grasping at best. It’s a lot of style without much substance, but that’s not bad. Thunderdome is fun in a way that movies just aren’t often anymore. Earnestly trying to entertain.

The latest windows security update fucked with the drivers for the Surface pen when used in drawing software. It’s super annoying because it’s been stable for years. So long I foolishly began to take it for granted. It’s not crippling, but I can’t do my regular sketching style because of it. Which does hamper me somewhat. It would be a lot worse if my cast were constantly being dynamic, but since they just stand around looking to one side I muddled through.