1978 Ultimate Stealth Hat.


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13th birthday

I’m not sure if I’m sick, or have a pinched nerve, or what, but it feels like my back has a sunburn. I guess it almost has to be a pinched nerve. It’s the worst version of this I’ve ever had though. Maybe because it’s already 75 degrees in here. I don’t know why the room is so fucking hot. Shit, it’s 76 now. What the hell? The heater isn’t even running. Is there a goddamn volcano forming under the house? Even the damn rag I brought in here an hour ago is bone dry. Seriously what the fuck? I guess we’re gonna just go from winter directly to summer now? I’m gonna have to get the fan back in here, but they’re talking snow tomorrow. I swear, this is some bullshit. Is that thunder?! Mother fucker! Is it going to be thundersnow? FUCK THAT.
I just looked. It’s raining up in this shithole. We’re supposed to have record setting winds tomorrow and tonight too. No climate change… Yeah, this is the start of it. Total ruinous weather all the time. Snow, rain, heat, all in the span of 3 days? Need to start living underground where this shit can’t get me. It’s 77 degrees in here now. Is the fucking sun coming to consume us? It’s WINTER! I’m bloody annoyed. The fucking power is going to go out and then I won’t even be able to sleep. I’m gonna find me a damn generator I can run on my own. Or some kind of crazy huge backup battery. I’m sick of being at the mercy of the winds.
I don’t know shit about wiring though… Oh, the first hit has using it for a Cpap right on the features. $130… that’s a lot. Then again it would solve a lot of problems if I just got it. Wouldn’t have to worry about sleeping when the power goes out at least. You can charge it with a solar panel somehow. None of these companies are brands I’m familiar with. These gas powered things are no good if you can’t get to gas. I guess if you kept a supply around that would be okay. There’s always the stuff for the lawn mower. Diesel would be safer, but it freezes. That’s my understanding anyway… I wonder if they make them. I’m sure they do. I’m gonna have to pay my taxes soon. I guess I should wait and see how that goes. Not well, I expect.