1961 Dungeon Mistress.


Comic Vote

This is something most people will only see as my male gaze showing through, but in my mind Patricia dressed up in her dungeon master robe to sell the experience, but didn’t take the extra step of making her panties match. Which is kind of how her personality is. Kind of dedicated to her goals, or whatever, but also a little low effort. Also she dresses provocatively because she likes the feeling of power it gives her. Even though she’s usually pretty standard, in her element she wants to express herself as still sexually attractive. As she’s the oldest female cast member she’s probably beginning to worry about her age on some level. Although, honestly, if she was okay with choosing a nerd she could probably have her pick of them. It might be that she’s only ever come in contact with the sort of cheese smelling dudes who make it hard to sell Magic The Gathering cards to normies. Thomas grew out of that phase of his life, but that’s certainly not always the case. And if you don’t want to clean up, or change, that’s perfectly fine, but don’t fool yourself into thinking that everyone is going to see it that way. I’ve certainly seen some preppy nerds. Traditionally attractive nerds do exist, but in the same percentage as attractive people do in other groups. You can’t always catch one. Patricia is a bit on the sloppy side herself, and not everyone’s cup. That said, she has a lot of fans for a character who has had limited screen time. Her type has a fan base, that’s for sure.