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*Patreon seems to be sticking people in one tier regardless of their choice. I’m in the process of sorting it out, so if you get stuck in the wrong tier let me know.*

I’m gonna start tonight by pointing at my patreon link. My Surface is starting to overheat regularly and I can’t get it to stop. So I’m gonna have to replace it sooner rather than later. Although no version of the various surface products is exactly what I need in the future. Regardless I haveto plan for the reality that this thing is going to fail eventually & I don’t want to get caught out.

Even I, who rarely gets political, lost patrons because of the most recent Patreon… Thing. I set up an alternate account on a different service for the people who could no longer agree with patreon’s actions, but that was a whole other thing. If memory serves they may have sorted out the issue, but I kind of forgot to finish it up because this all happened right around Xmas.

I suppose I should just explain the whole thing, because I know someone is going to ask. Honestly I’m afraid to talk about any of this stuff because I’ve been accused of being a Nazi for talking about it at all more than once. Since that’s the level of political discourse now.

Anyway, a dude named Carl Benjamin (Sargon Of Akkad) did an oopsie. It didn’t technically break patreon’s rules, but he got booted for it. I’m not going to explain the whole deal. You can do your own research. That’s more than enough info to start. Because of this a significant number of people very furious with Patreon & no longer wanted to support the platform. Most of my readers just want to read comics so I wasn’t hit nearly as hard as some people I know. There’s not a huge overlap in audiences between Sargon and I since I lean pretty left & the topics he cares about don’t get brought up in my work.

Here’s the problem though; Paypal pulled their service from the alternate platform that the Prexiteers chose to migrate to. Paypal is essentially the only game in town when it comes to online funds transfer. They own the biggest share of the market at any rate & they take a political stance rather than being a neutral party the way a bank would, for example. (although it might have also been mastercard/visa who caused that to happen. that’s a rabbit hole I’m not going down, but feel free to get as conspiratorial in your search as you want.)

Because of paypal getting involved a lot of people don’t want to use it either, so creators are double fucked at the moment when if comes to subscription services. I was raised not to treat political opponents as enemies, but rather as loyal opposition. Which is something that I always took as a given, but that is not how things work right now.

I tell you this much, if the comments turn into the shitshow here that they did on the patreon post I’ll delete this shit, all the comments, and we’ll speak of this no more. I expect civility & my site is not a republic. It’s a dictatorship. I just happen to be a generally benevolent despot. I didn’t spend over a fucking decade building my little world up all for it to be brought down by the fleeting zeitgeist of the current year. Keep it civil if you want to talk about this stuff. We’re all in this together, like it or not. If we can’t come to some sort of accord the only option it what? Murder in the streets? I won’t tolerate hooliganism I say!

I want to keep making comics & online ads are no longer enough to keep doing that. I have to point to Patreon from time to time in hopes that people want me to keep doing this.

I should mention that I made a tier on Patreon for people who don’t want to see any saucy images. A lot of people want saucy images and aren’t afraid to ask, but if you want to join team never nude I’ve given you the option.