1906 Songstress.


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I am, by no means, a songwriter. That first panel is about as much as I could muster without taking a ridiculous amount of time. One thing I do know about songwiting, however, is that lyrics only have to SEEM meaningful. Most song lyrics don’t mean anything if you really scrutinize them. You filter them through the lens of your experiences and assign them meaning. That’s not true of every song, but a large majority of pop hits, for example, have very limited actual depth of meaning. Really though, that can be said of a lot more than just songwriting. The reverse is much worse, I think. Being beaten over the head with a message is pretty lame. I try to slide my message in under the radar, rather than just spell it out. I feel like I’ve done relatively well. I also feel like I’ve done okay at showing that there are multiple sides to any situation. Although, generally this comic isn’t a real message heavy affair.

I’m probably going to have to write that whole song eventually though, which is… daunting.