1905 Trust In Me.


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Poor Ed, he can’t quite parse out Patricia’s weird personality. It’s ironic, because she’s a tease, and a flirt, which is exactly how his sister is. Of course Jessica doesn’t flirt with her brother, so maybe he’s no used to that being part of it. Also, it might be more accurate to say that Patricia is flirty, but not flirting. She has a friendly personality that reads like direct flirting when it’s not totally her intention, or maybe if you aren’t accustomed to really forward open people.

There’s been this weird thing happening with my internet. Random pages are blocked, but we’ve been going over it on the Discord server and can’t figure out who’s causing it. It’s really weird. I noticed it was happening because I can’t read Zombie Roomie on my computer. It only shows on my phone and only if I use cellular data and not the house’s connection. There’s no reason for anyone to block the site. It’s just a comic without sex, or anything uncommon for the internet. Anyway, I’m sure your totally invested at this point so I’ll keep you posted.