1884 Get Rekt.


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Is this what they call rising action? (I’m talking about his tinkle dinker)

I got to a point in Hollow Knight where the game’s difficulty exceeded my skill. It’s not uncommon for me. So now I’m going back to old areas trying to see if I can find some kind of power up that will get me past the problem. Right now I’m going to try and get a ton of money so I can upgrade an item because I’m really close to being able to finish this one battle, so if I had a little more power I think I could pull it off. Hollow Knight does a good job of making you think you’re almost good enough to do something so you try it a bunch of times before giving up and trying something else. That said, it’s very frustrating in the moment. I also triggered an event that made the map harder to traverse, so that’s a bummer… Anyway, it’s a really cool game. I like the sad aesthetic of it.