1878 I Don’t Feel So Good.


Comic Vote

I think it’s pretty safe to assume that the build destroy build cycle of comics is going to continue as long as the companies exist. I don’t even know how many times the universes got restarted since I stopped reading Marvel and DC books. They restarted at least twice while I was.
I haven’t heard about Image comics in a very long time. Are they still a thing? Are those properties still going? I seem to recall Spawn ended eventually. I don’t know if I could name a second Image comic without looking. The Savage Dragon? I feel like that ended… I don’t remember many ideas lasting past a few issues. What was the one that got an anime? Witchblade. Yeah, that was all kinds of fanservice. No movie though. Seems like the kind of thing you’d try out in our current environment. The Darkness had a video game I seem to remember… Image didn’t really have a cohesive universe though, I guess.