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The other day the Teen called my mother, but she was driving so I ended up taking her call. She’s been working at a place for quite some time now & since she’s honest & shows up to work she’s sort of fallen into the management program by default. Honestly, that’s not an uncommon way to rise to power these days. The bar has been lowered so much that just doing anything above the bare minimum can make you a candidate for promotion. I suspect she’s more competent than other people too, but that’s just a guess. In any case she’s trying to go to school so managing a place that is in a perpetual state of falling apart isn’t part of the plan, but she didn’t know how to back out gracefully. That’s something I have some experience with, so I instructed her on it briefly. She already has another position lined up, so no matter what happens she’s fine, but she didn’t want any hard feelings.
She’s talked to me about the state of this place a few times & the mismanagement is frankly appalling. I can’t say it’s a surprise for the area, but it’s impressive how bad the turnover is. The hiring practices are garbage bordering on harassment in some cases. The managerial oversight is limited at best. The workers have essentially revolted on at least one occasion. It’s just the worst kind of disaster zone & I can’t believe no one is getting food poisoning regularly.
All of that said, if a person wanted to get ahead quick & didn’t mind hard work they could take over and rule the place so easily. Places like that are full of easy opportunities for the industrious. A friend of mine has been rocketing up the ranks of a place he just started at a few months ago. Starting from stocking frozen food to running all the grocery stuff for part of the chain soon. He’s got a no nonsense attitude, a clear set of goals, and a plan to enact them. They have been shocked at his extreme competence. People waiting for promotions for years have given up on them because they know they can’t beat him as far as work ethic goes. Honestly I feel a little bad for them, but at the same time their jobs are going to be way easier because he’s streamlining everything as he goes.
Earlier in the year he was in a really bad place, but now he’s on top of the world. It’s nice to see someone you know is a capable person succeed.