1869 Drill Dozer.


He just wanders right in to these interactions.

The new Jurassic Park Lego sets have dinosaurs you can mix and match to make new ones, but there’s only aggressive ones. I want more kinds of dinosaurs, but the whole line is action oriented. They also made a throwback set to the original film, but Ian Malcom isn’t in it, which sucks. What I want is another throwback set to the original that’s the scene with the sick triceratops. That way I get the dinosaur I want, a Jurassic Park jeep, AND Ian Malcom. Set 75932 is the throwback one that’s out now if you want to look it up. It’s a diorama style set of the velociraptor chase in the kitchen. The only other set I really want is a huge façade of a mansion with two big dinosaurs. Mostly I just want the mansion parts, but it’s sooooo expensive. It’s going to be hard to snipe it when it goes on clearance. 75930 is the set number. I just looked it up. It actually comes with one big dino and a raptor, but the mansion is soo cool looking. It’s like a friends set but with normal colors. Honestly I really just want more sets that are cool buildings. The sets that are just that tend to run a little too costly, since it doesn’t grab the kid market. The last round of creators sets was really good for structures, but I didn’t get all of them. They moved on to sort of a summer activity theme for this season, which I don’t have as much use for in my projects.

Really I should just make a list of what I need and buy directly from their factory…

Oh, as long as I’m at it, do you know what the going rate for an indomunus rex figure from Jurassic World is going for now? $169 out of set. The raptors from that series are about $40 each. If you want specific Lego it pays to get the sets BEFORE they are retired.