1851 Dear Nina.


The art program I use has these digital guides you can use to help draw furniture and stuff. I’ve been trying to figure out how to use it, but it’s only stuff you’d see in a Japanese high school comic. There isn’t a bookshelf. Not that it would matter if there was since I can’t figure it all out. I guess it makes sense that all the assets are for Japanese schools since a million percent of manga take place in or around them. They have a distinct look compared to American schools. American schools look old and broken. There’s a general filthiness to them. Japanese schools, even in actual photographs look clean even if they seem dated. I think it must come from Japanese students having to take care of the classrooms themselves. Also American schools look like prisons. I think americans could take a few lessons from the Japanese as far as making kids responsible for their schools in a way that actually would make them feel like they mattered.