1839 Rivers.


The trick to manipulating situations is tiny moves that slowly alter the course of things. Not big changes that people notice. Just skew things a little and they will be way off course the longer it runs.

There’s a character in the old Popeye musical, Olive’s father, who asks people for an apology no matter what is said to him. After the last few days I kind of feel like that’s how 50% of people on the planet are like now. Perpetually demanding apologies from everyone, for everything.

I want an apology for Rocket Power. That garbage ass show. No apology is forthcoming. Also Ahh Real Monsters. The last season of Doug. I feel like I actually have a shot at getting an apology for that one. The Disney season of Doug was such a betrayal to what the show was.

I wonder if the people who created Doug are sex offenders. It’s starting to seem like everyone who made everything ever is some kind of sex offender. Like the Allison Mack thing. It’s like the world just keeps doubling down on the crazy. I’m starting to think that reality is jusr a simulation being fed directly into my brain, but a tumor is making it crash really slowly.