1827 Still Angry.


Jess isn’t stupid. She likely chose this particular moment to bring up this issue because the time constraint would keep Jo from storming out. At least that was the hope. Of course now the issue becomes and angry Jo meeting a new person. Which is a whole other thing…

Yesterday I slept really well, woke up feeling good, and had a productive day. Today I woke up feeling dizzy and shitty. It has persisted the entire day. I don’t know what the x factor is. It must be something to do with how I sleep. Maybe the cpap is doing something to my ears, or exacerbating my allergies somehow. It’s clean at the very least. Maybe I need a new mask again. When I woke up part of the back of my tongue was dried out and hurt. Like air had been blowing over it at an odd angel for a long time. Maybe that has something to do with it.

I don’t know, but it sucks to go from a day of feeling totally normal to feeling dizzy and confused for no obvious reason.