1818 Inspirationull.


Pessimistic people are hard to lead because they always foresee all the things that can go wrong. Not that Thomas is a total pessimist or whatever, but he does tend to expect the worst so he can be ready for it. Unfortunately voicing those thoughts can bring down the moral of a group and contribute to the expected negative outcome.

I went to a cousin’s wedding yesterday. I’m always an extra character in these sort of events. People don’t understand what I do when I explain it, so I’ve just given up. It’s not that people don’t know what a cartoonist is, but they’re baffled by what you have to do to make money doing it. It get tedious fast. There used to be a sort of shorthand I could use to explain things to people, but the young ones don’t have the frame of reference for newspaper comics. So if I say my comic is like Mary Worth, but with swears, it just sails right by. Generally people out here don’t spend a lot of time online. The ones that do don’t come to weddings.

In any event I’m tired from the whole affair and feel like shit today from being around different allergens, or whatever it is that makes me feel randomly crappy. It’s possible I just had a little stomach bug that made me feel ill and the wedding really didn’t have anything to do with today other than making me a little tired.

The cousing who got married will be… 27 or so in a week or so. It’s a weird feeling to see these kids all grown up.