1794 Maow.


My cats purring sounded more like hrrrrr to me than Prrrrrr because Claws always started a purr with a big intake of breath. Onomatopoeia is weird because it’s not always words but we sort of agree on some of it. Like animal vocalizations have a primary example for kids, but they usually have a range of them beyond quack and moo. The dogs have a range of barks but none of the sound like the word bark really. Language just can’t always approximate some sounds.

The lighting in the room I’m working in is shit. I was shit years ago when it was my office and it still is. I need to figure out if I can alter it in some way that can make it brighter, because it bothers my eyes. I’m thinking maybe some kind of really strong led style thing because the fluorescent just isn’t cutting it. Generally its not a big deal while I work because I can adjust the screen. When I’m not it’s very hard on my eyes which are already messed up.