1778 Weak Prey.


Trying a find a way to break the loss of hours cycle is difficult. Back when I was in retail we used to get around it by trading managers. There would be a little grace period after the switch where you could get in a few people and they were lenient with hours for a while. Sometimes it was just enough to get that sales spike you needed. Of course that won’t work in this case, unless Thomas decided to sacrifice Mike, which he probably wouldn’t do…

I’m still feeling randomly shitty even though my lab work came back as normal. Whatever my problem is it apparently isn’t my delicious blood. Maybe it’s just stress, or not being able to sleep, or when I sleep, or some other random fucking thing I can’t pin down. Whatever it is I need to figure it out somehow so I can stop being miserable at random times all day long. Maybe I’m sleeping too much? Seems unlikely since it’s constantly interrupted.