1762 Solution.


It’s been a while since we’ve seen Victoria, unless you are on my patreon anyway, here’s a refresher if you can’t remember her. LINK SON! I was pretty amused with myself when I thought of making her work at Beary Good Pizza. I’ve always avoided drawing scenes like this because I can’t draw the settings for shit, but I decided to just do it anyway and hope it doesn’t suck too much.

Obviously the Big Top Pizza is based on Showbiz Pizza, and the beary Fun Band is based on the Rockafire Explosion. I didn’t want to deal with having to research the actual stage set up for the real place so I just make a fake place up so I wouldn’t have to. The story of the place is loosely based on a story a friend told me about. I’ve never actually been in a place like this. We had pizza place in my old town except Chuck E Cheese/Showbiz pizza.