1740 Spite.


Hopefully when this page posts there will be a few images of the Lego house I talked about on Wednesday in my Twitter feed, which I expect you can find easily enough without a link. As I said, the house isn’t good for pictures, but you can probably get an idea. The top floor has little trophies and stuff all around the inside ledge but I couldn’t get a decent picture without actually taking it apart.

My sleep cycle has migrated such that I want to go to bed at 5or 6 pm at the moment so I’m having a very hard time staying awake to write this. nothing important has happened that I can think of and I cant think of anything particularly profound to write about the page itself. The history of these two will be revealed soon enough without the help of any text I add here.

So, for now, I leave you. If you want to interact with me further feel free to message me on Twitter and I’ll give you a link to the Discord server.