1678 Pound Town.


I’m sure that someone else must have thought of this pun before I did, but one is as good as another really and I didn’t particularly want to spend ages picking out a pun. This one was new to me and it made me laugh so it’s the one I used. Very little of the dynamic of the relationship between these two has be shown so I wanted to break up the coffee shop stuff with a little of them. I expect that they enjoy work a lot more when they are in the store together.

I gotta get my taxes done tomorrow. I wasn’t going to go to H&R Block because they are really expensive but my options are limited. I should have just taken care of it myself already but in typical fashion I just let this happen to me again this year. Next year though I really need to get ahead of things because $300 is insane for a service that isn’t getting me any write offs at all. That’s the whole advertising earnings from the ads for over a month. My parent’s accountant doesn’t charge that much and they have a legit complex tax return. They advertise $80 bucks online so I don’t know why it’s so much more expensive when you go into the fucking place. Basically my lack of diligence is getting me fucked as per usual.

I don’t fully understand why my taxes are so high in general. I need the tax secrets of the rich so I don’t have to pay them anymore. They keep them away from the scrubs though. I want to be rich enough that laws no longer apply to me. Or only apply in an abstract way, like with the president. Maybe if I made the comic a company, and became the only shareholder, I could stop paying income tax and just pay capital gains tax. I wonder if that would be less. If only I understood the black arts of tax law. My ignorance is hindering my desire to be above the law itself!

Anyway, the Discord server for Between Failures ended up becoming pretty active. if you want to join, and chat with like minded readers, the link is these words. Everyone seems to be having a good time so far.