1676 Loose Change.


It would have been about 8 years or so if we’re intent on putting a number to it.

I spent most of yesterday taking the Teen to the store and then home. It’s and hour drive there and back from both places and it took about 3 hours at the store. That little adventure ate up all the time I gained between this page and the last page. As I was driving around I was thinking about how perfect it would be if that was the reason I missed an update without it being a medical emergency. Tomorrow I have to take her to her psych appointment. But she’s getting home some other way. Her new vehicle is in the shop so soon I’ll be giving her driving lessons I expect. The sooner the better because this shit can’t continue for months. My truck still gets good milage even though it needs a tune up desperately, but neither of us can afford the cost of that much gas over a long period of time. Plus if it goes full summer she’s out of luck because I can still only tolerate heat up to a point before I start to fade badly.

I made a discord server for patrons, but I’m thinking I might just let everyone in, or make one for everybody, if there’s enough interest. Is that something the regular readers would like, or just patrons?