543 Between The Loins.


If you think about it, and I have, Jolene’s mind would be somewhat terrifying to look into if you weren’t used to it.  In order to recall hundreds of movies line for line, and recite them on command, it must be very sharp and blazingly fast; changing gears radically from one moment to the next.  Once you ad in the social anxiety it would be a very difficult place to spend your life.  A rich fantasy world would be about the only thing able to keep you sane.

We’ll get to that as time goes on, I suppose.

For those of you who are fans Of Miss Grace I’ve uploaded two new desktop images to the arts gallery.  Well, variations on a single image at any rate.  It’s the spy image from the last page.  I won’t insult your intelligence by linking it here when it’s right down there.

Also, I noticed that some of the comments are being filtered into the spam folder again.  If you want to comment and find you’re being locked out just send me an email so I can fix it.