1672 Three Sixteen.


I almost forgot! Count Grey, thanks for the birthday gifts. I actually needed those things to help with making the comic so they are doubly appreciated. If you let me know who your favorite character is I’ll make a free to everyone post on patreon. That goes for anyone who sent me gifts at any time btw.

I debated over this guy’s eye color for a while. I know someone is going to have a fit over it, but there was this dude I used to know a little who was half white and half some kind of brown with dark features except for eyes as blue as mine. The ladies loved that. I have to admit it was a striking look and the memory has always stuck with me. I wanted this guy to have that sort of feature. I haven’t settled on a name for sure yet.

I’ve been questing for a Nintendo Switch online for a while in hopes I might get one before the Spla2n test fire, but have failed. There was a slight dip in scalper pricing when the restocks were announced, but not enough to convince me to buy from one. Later that day there were many, many, new listings on Amazon and Ebay, but the overall pricing hasn’t gone down as most everyone selling wants double their money back. I’m not happy waiting, but I’m pleased to know that a lot of those people will be stuck with those systems once Nintendo quits the manufactured scarcity bullshit they always pull with system launches.

I’ve been avoiding information about Breath Of The Wild as much as possible in a futile attempt to be surprised by something about it by the time I actually get to play it. The special edition version I was able to preorder when the Switch preorders sold out must wait patiently along with me.

I’ve never understood the limited preorder thing. The point of a preorder is to know how many people are guaranteed to want to buy your product at launch. You should take them before you make the fucking thing and then make as many as you need to fill the orders. I know why companies choose not to do that, but it’s really annoying and the backlash is shelves covered in things like “rare” amiibo that no one wants now.