1668 Sincerely Bold.


At her core Nina is a joyous creature, happy to experience the world shielded by a belief that other people are good at heart. She likes looking for the good in them and knows that where it is may be hidden, but everyone hints at it in how they face the world. Ed is the other side, having experienced the worst people have to offer every day of his life. She is tall, beautiful, and loved almost by default by most people. Ed has to work at that like other people, and has to deal with being short. Like most of us he’s drawn to the magical version of things Nina sees. Being tall gives you a different set of expectations to deal with but they are generally positive. It’s not a hindrance the way being short is. It doesn’t make you wary of the world in such a negative way. You get asked about how much you like basketball and things like that, but not usually mocked. People don’t like it when things don’t meet their expectations and it can be a real trial when not meeting them is not your fault, but rather a quirk of fate.