1667 He Doesn’t Even Lift.


This is a lot more Jesus than I ever intended to draw when I started this thing all those years ago. I prefer cartoon Jesus to corpse Jesus. Looking at hundreds of crucifixes to decide how to draw this one was not fun. The levels of torture range from casually being staked to a couple of boards to OH FUCK I’M NAILED TO A FUCKING CROSS!!! The latter of which is a little too… violent? I’m not sure what word to use exactly. I prefer to think of Jesus as the guy on the Mexican candles they sell at Wal-Mart. I even have one because I like that way of looking at Jesus. The inspiration for this image is not online anywhere I could find, which is hardly surprising since it was in Kansas more years ago than I can recall when I saw it. Anyway, feel free to react with whatever level of outrage suits you if you think I’m somehow slighting your preferred version of Christianity. I’ve lived through Christianity too so I’m allowed to respond via my art. When I’ve spent my life as a Muslim maybe I’ll have some things to say about that too, but at the moment this is my realm of expertise.

If you can’t bring yourself to be civil to me in the comments then at least try to extend that courtesy to each other. Debate as long as you like as long as you can do it without making enemies of one another. If the girl from the Westborough Baptists can learn how surely you can too.