1657 Bein Awesome.


If I’m going to be doing several pages in the same place in a row I usually just start with the previous one as the base instead of using my blank canvas. Unfortunately I sometimes forget to save them as a new file and end up deleting the text from the previous page. That happened with the last page. I’ll have to redo the text for it at some point. It’s a minor error but takes up time and is annoying. I’ve been more distracted than normal recently so It’s happened a couple of times close together. I try to change the file name as soon as I start, but people keep coming in or whatever the exact moment I’m doing that for some reason.

There’s some new stuff in the patreon. Nakey stuff. I figure I won’t live forever so who fucking cares about integrity, or whatever. I’d rather spend whatever time I have not scrounging in the dirt for food. People keep asking so fine. Give them what they want. If it helps me keep doing what I want I’ll do it. I’m confident you can find the link on the page if you want to.