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I wasn’t going to play Fire Emblem Heroes, but you can use Nintendo coins to get stuff for it, and I never have anything to get with them, since they don’t offer merch anymore. You can’t get the summoning orbs but you can get other stuff you usually have to buy or earn in some way. As near as I can tell you can finish the game with just 4 characters, and they don’t seem to really need to be any specific type. You can get free orbs enough to get a few full character draws, so actually buying anything isn’t important. The pricing of the orbs are fucking insane though. way too expensive. I’m really disappointed in Nintendo for that. The game itself is a love note to the fire emblem series though. It’s really beautiful. The gameplay is pretty toned down though. It’s much more approachable than the “real” Fire Emblem games. I’ll say this much, if you’ve ever been curious about Fire Emblem it’s worth playing around a little if for nothing else than seeing the art.