1648 Captivated.


Poor Reggie is the talk of the town.

This evening I took the teen out for a driving lesson. Which was fine. She got her car finally, by way of her brother finding a suitable used vehicle. It’s a ford escape, which is a fitting enough name. The dome light wouldn’t switch off for some reason, so I got called an idiot by my father, who then also failed to figure out the cause. Truly his is the superior intellect. The car has a few too many electronic parts in my opinion. I’m not a fan of vehicles that a person can’t repair without the help of a skilled technician.
At any rate, the kid has a healthy fear of the vehicle. Complacency about cars is part of why there are so many accidents. I like to be mindful of the fact that when I’m driving I’m in control of a potential murder weapon, and so are everyone else. The teen prefers to learn with me because I’m not a intense as anyone else. Although I get just as frustrated when she reacts slowly.