1646 This Island Earth.


I find watching MST3K very soothing for some reason. Maybe it’s because the cast has so many friendly sounding voices. It sounds like being safe with friends.

I somehow ended up watching old disaster movies on you tube. Well, watching isn’t exactly correct. Listening would be more accurate, but anyway… It started because I wanted to see if my memories of The Day After were correct, or if I’d gotten them twisted over time. For those of you not around at that time The Day After is about a nuclear war and what happens to the population of basically Kansas just after the event. It’s really dated now. Worth watching if for nothing other than seeing how people presented stories like that at the time. It mentions several places that I’ve been to at various points and even takes place in a few of them, but I don’t think it’s actually filmed anywhere in Kansas. At the time it was meant to be a cautionary tale, but now it seems almost quaint in how tame it makes an apocalypse seem.
Another one youtube suggested after that is called Where Did All The People Go, and it’s as close to the walking dead as you could get on television at the time. The premise is half science and half ridiculous nonsense. I won’t spoil it for you. If you have a little free time search that title on youtube and check it out. Once they find out what caused everyone to disappear you’ll be rolling your eyes harder than you ever have before. It has several notes in it that are eerily similar to scenes from the walking dead. Makes me wonder if the writers didn’t see it in their youths. Either that or there is just a shorthand for writing apocalyptic fiction that everyone dips in to from time to time.
There was one movie called hangar 18 that was so bad I couldn’t even keep listening to it. Not the acting so much as everything else. It has a lot of familiar faces if you were a kid at that time. Like Scott’s dad from Teen Wolf. The M J Fox version. I only got about 20 minutes in before I couldn’t handle it any more. In retrospect I think I should have jumped further in and picked up the story from context because the first part is very slow. It would probably have been better when the plot started to come together a bit more.

I tell you, TV is so much better now than it used to be. I hear people complain about it from time to time but everything about media is so much easier now. You can just get nearly whatever you want as soon as you think of it now. I am not nostalgic for the old stuff in any way apart from checking how bad my memory of it is. Turns out it’s about 75% accurate. I remembered the high points of The Day After but lost a lot of the minutia. They actually showed it to us in school. I’m sure it contributed to my sour outlook on the future much the same way the Nostradamus videos did. I can see the logic of showing kids The Day After now, but it’s like what did they expect us to do. We weren’t even teenagers. It’s not like we were going to be able to do anything about US Russian relations. All it did was fill me with a deep sense of dread about the future, and a bleak outlook.

I wonder if that sort of nonsense still happens in schools. I suspect it must. People are still terrible at critical thinking…