1629 Enigmatic.


I was really pleased with myself over this joke. Maddison gets one over on Reggie in her own way. XD

I was watching some videos about philosophy and ethics and it got me to thinking about the Jedi & Sith, among other things. First of all, really, what’s the point of the Sith? What do they want? Just to be dicks all the time? They’re like the ultimate trolls of the universe. Just fucking with everyone for no obvious reason. Say what you want about Anakin, but he at least had motivation, however misguided, to be evil. He wanted to live in a tightly controlled world, totally safe for his wife and eventual kids. What did Palpatine want? It’s never explained. Does he like to fuck? Is it drugs? What’s the point of his power? What does Palpatine enjoy? Just being a fucking bastard all the time apparently. I guess that’s something…
Then there’s the Jedi. They love everyone but don’t really love anything. They’re like some kind of weird police force that preaches nonviolence while worshiping martial prowess. It’s kind of like when martial artists are like “I learn karate so I never have to use it.” Bullshit. You want to be able to fuck a bitch up if time ever comes to throw down. The Jedi non attachment thing just seems weird to me. Neither the Sith or the Jedi are balanced people. They each live half an existence.
I don’t think the sith are supposed to love, but why not? Attachment clearly causes fear which you can use to fuel your dark side powers. it took one of the galaxy’s greatest heroes and turned him into a fucking murderous dickwad. Anakin’s fear of his own death has to be the only thing that kept him from killing himself after he killed Padame. Is that part of what made him strong after that? Fear, self hatred, jealousy… what made Anakin keep going after he lost everything? It has to be fear of his own mortality. A desire to live forever with no reason to live… You know, when he found out Luke was his son it must have fucked him up for weeks.
anyway, I wonder what philosophies the Jedi and sith are most influenced by.
I think if you sat a Sith down and asked why they hated the Jedi the andswer wouldn’t go any deeper than “CASUSE FUCK THE JEDI, BITCH!”
I know what my own character’s philosophies are to some extent. Thomas is utilitarian. Doing the most good for the most people while doing a little harm to other people as possible. Ed is more like truth, justice, and that sort of thing. I don’t know what the word for it would be. He follows the rules because they are rules without thinking about it too deeply. Reggie is kind of in between Thomas and Edward. Really though, most of the cast is utilitarian in their values to one degree or another. I wish I knew more terminology to be able to explain it.
I heard a story that illustrates utilitarianism and it goes like this: You’re a researcher in some place and you come upon a group of soldiers who are about to execute a group of native people. The leader tells you that if you kill one person he’ll let all the other people live. So a utilitarian would kill one of them to save the others and not consider themselves at fault for having to do so. Because if they fail to act they’re all dead. I think most people would bite the bullet, so to speak, and kill one to save many. You wouldn’t be happy about it, but you’d do it to save the others. Maybe if you believe that killing is always wrong and if you kill anyone you go to hell you’d choose not to do it, but man… that seems like a dick move to me. I mean if you really believe that then fine, but it seems like a waste.

At the same time if a doctor has a neighbor who wouldn’t be missed if he harvested him for organ transplants would do it if he was an absolute utilitarian, because if killing one saves five then that would be the best solution. Except that’s insane. Which is why you want to temper your utilitarianism a bit. I mean nobody wants to live in a world where you can get harvested for organs if you’re perceived as a dick and no one would miss you.

In start trek Spock is like “The good of the many outweighs the good of the one.” then Kirk spends, like, two movies proving that he thinks that’s bullshit and he’ll sacrifice as many people as it takes to get Spock back. It’s kind of fucked up if you think about it. Kirk’s son is killed, some Klingons, they wreck the enterprise, and probably some other stuff I’ve forgotten.