1630 Master & Apprentice.


There is something ominous in Thomas’s character. Of course of whom can that not be said? The desire to resist change is, like many things, important to moderate. How hard should you fight to retain the status quo? Is the present state of things worth the trouble? How do you decide? Thomas’s motives are selfish and he’s said as much. Which is at least something positive. He doesn’t hide his selfishness to those he’s close to at least.

I’ve been watching The Crown, on Netfix. It’s very good, but weird in some ways. At least is so far as it’s about problems that are mostly based on a contract with a church a king made up for himself so he could fuck who he wanted. Of course most problems are based on stuff like that. I certainly can’t say that the American system of governance is any better. It’s the same sort of nonsense without the skill at pageantry. In any event the look behind the curtains at the story of the lives of the royal family is very sympathetic. I wouldn’t want to live that way. It’s like game of thrones without any of the fun killing the shit out of your rivals. At least so far…
John Lithgow is very good as Churchill. I mean they are all good actors and actresses. Matt Smith makes you forget he was once The Doctor and really sells the attitude of the Prince.
The Stuff with princess Margaret was interesting since I never really learned anything about it. Also, the Queen is a ride or die bitch. It’s no wonder she’s such a tough lady now. She’s seen some shit. They haven’t even gone in to her war service in the parts I’ve seen, just mentioned it in passing.

I know a bit more than most Americans about the rest of the world and how they govern themselves, but that’s not a very high bar. Americans are much more self centered, but in our defense, many states are as large as, or larger, than many countries and tend to act just as shitty to each other. So we tend to pay attention to that. California, Texas, and New York are practically countries unto themselves. Anyway, I’ve always liked English stuff. Blackadder, Monty Python, Allo Allo, the kind of stuff that’s easy to see over here, relatively speaking. I also listen to BBC podcasts and stuff. So I hear about the political system over there a lot. The BBC has really good quiz shows and I wish we would copy them. Or import them.

I want to watch some Australian shows at some point. I bet they’re all weird. I watched some news stuff and Australian English sounds like kids talking to my ears, which is fun. BMX Bandits is the most Australian thing I think I’ve ever watched, but it’s super old. What kind of movies are coming from there now, I wonder…